U.S. Position on the Creation of a Joint G5 Sahel Force

Press Release:

The United States applauds the G5 nations – Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger- for creating this joint G5 Sahel force, which will allow them to better coordinate their efforts to fight extremism on the continent and to take regional ownership over security and stabilization efforts. We view the G5 Sahel joint force as an important step towards restoring peace and security in the Sahel region. We welcome President Macron’s strong engagement on this important issue as France is a critical partner in this effort. We ultimately share the same goals for a future G5 force and a secure, prosperous Sahel.

The United States already supports the G5 Sahel countries and several other regional security initiatives through targeted bilateral and regional assistance measures. Through various security cooperation and security assistance programs the United States has committed to provide over $600M over the past five years to G5 Sahel countries. We have provided members of the G5 with military advisory support as well as training and equipment. We have also provided these same states intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance information and capabilities, as well as support for their participation in regional exercises. In addition to a focus on the Joint Force, we are exploring options for engagements with the G5 on issues concerning resilience, governance and infrastructure development as we know that countries cannot achieve long-term security without good governance and economic development. This support builds capacity to address immediate security threats in the region and also focuses on building institutions and capabilities required for the region’s long-term security.

Nouakchott, June 30, 2017