Training of 100 young adults in the Moughataas of Riyadh, R’Kiz, El Mina and Nouadhibou on the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism

Nouakchott, September 1-6, 2020 – The U.S. Embassy’s Partnerships for Peace (P4P) Program, a project of USAID and the Committee of Solidarity with the Victims of Human Rights Violence (CSVVDH), organized a training for 100 young people (44 men, 56 women) aged 20-28 in the Moughataas of Ryad, R’Kiz, El Mina and Nouadhibou communes.

Held from September 1-6, the series of trainings strengthened the resilience capacities of 100 young people in the face of violent extremism. Based on the USAID / P4P training curriculum, the selected youth received training on push and pull factors as well as the indoctrination approach used by extremists, and the process of radicalization.

These 100 young people who have been trained in the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism will support the awareness-raising caravan organized by CSVVDH in the various targeted municipalities in Mauritania. Finally, other religious and community leaders will be trained to organize debates on the prevention of violent extremism.


The Partnerships for Peace (P4P) program is a USAID project that contributes to the achievement of the U.S. government’s goal of reducing vulnerability to violent extremism in West Africa. This five-year program (September 2016-September 2021) works with stakeholders at regional and national levels in West Africa, to develop a common understanding of violent extremism in the Sahel region. P4P also aims to improve the institutional capacity of organizations and governments to implement more effective and coordinated approaches to preventing violent extremism. Currently the project covers Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, Mauritania, and the Executive Secretariat of the G5 Sahel.