Statement of Ambassador Cynthia Kierscht after Presentation of her Credentials

Ambassador Cynthia Kierscht

Good morning.

First of all, I would like to tell you how delighted I am to be received by President Ghazouani, to whom I presented my credentials in my capacity as the United States Ambassador to Mauritania. I thank him for the audience he was kind enough to grant me. I reiterated to him the commitment of the United States to work hand in hand with Mauritania to achieve our common interests, aspirations and goals.

I bring to the people and to the government of Mauritania the salutations and the respect of the American people and our government for the important role that Mauritania plays in the Sahel. Mauritania is an important partner for the United States, and we commend and encourage the efforts undertaken by Mauritania to establish a more inclusive society and economy that yields new opportunities for development and shared prosperity. All development requires a minimum of security and stability, and we look forward to continuing our bilateral efforts with a view to stemming the sources of instability in the region and throughout the African continent.

Once again, I would like to thank all Mauritanians for the hospitality I have received since arriving in the country, and reiterate my commitment to strengthening and expanding the U.S.-Mauritania partnership.

I would like to express my great pleasure in being here today in this beautiful country, Mauritania. I’m looking forward to continuing the dialogue President Ghazouani and I have begun.

Thank you very much.

Nouakchott on June 22, 2021.