Statement by Ambassador André to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, on the Occasion of the Presentation of His Letters of Credentials

Ambassador Andre Credentialing Ceremony
Ambassador Andre speaking with President Aziz. (Photo Credit: State Department)
Ambassador Larry André presents his credentials to President Aziz

Good morning,

I am delighted to be with all of you here today in this beautiful country, Mauritania. In-Sha-Allah (If God wills), we will continue the dialogue I have just begun with the President throughout my stay here.

I want to convey to the people and to the government of Mauritania the deep respect of the American people and of their President. In my capacity as Ambassador of the United States of America to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, I will do my best to understand the main interests and aspirations of its great people and to explain to our friends the interests and aspirations of the American people.

I deeply appreciate the opportunity given me by President Aziz to meet and discuss our shared interests and shared goals. I reiterated to him our commitment to support him in achieving the goals he set during his inauguration speech, namely:  strengthening national unity, offering more career opportunities to youth and women, continuing efforts to end the tragic heritage of slavery, improving education, increasing prosperity and strengthening the country’s security. We share these aspirations for Mauritania.

Mauritania is an important partner for the United States in this part of Africa. We support the efforts of the country to establish a prosperous economy and sustainable development. Since development requires security, we intend to continue our joint security efforts with the Mauritanian government to promote stability in the region and in the continent as a whole.

I thank all Mauritanians for the warm welcome I have received and renew to them our commitment to work as partners for the shared interests of both peoples.