President Abdul Aziz’s Strong Statement in Favor of Presidential Term Limits is a Shining Example for the Arab World and Africa

The United States congratulates President Mohamed Abdul Aziz for speaking forcefully in favor of Presidential term limits in his address to the Mauritanian people on 20 October.  President Abdul Aziz emphasized the importance of the constitution “anchoring democracy on public interest” rather than on personal interests of a specific individual or of a small group of individuals.  We note that countries around the world, and particularly in the Arab World and Africa, are considering the value of presidential term limits.  We share President Abdul Aziz’s views on the issue.  Under his leadership the government of Mauritania has constructed new roads, ports, and a major international airport, among many other improvements, such as the new University.  These accomplishments will long serve the nation.  Even more important to Mauritania’s advancement is the strengthening of democratic institutions, which will promote the nation’s progress for generations to come.  Under President Abdul Aziz’s guidance, Mauritania may achieve the first transfer of authority from one elected President to another elected President in 2019.  This is an historic accomplishment.