Mauritania Hosts the First Regional C208 Simulator Training Event

Group Photo with the Trainees
Photo from the C208 Simulator Training in Mauritania
Training Photo

Mauritania Hosts the First Regional C208 Simulator Training

Mauritania is currently hosting (April 24-29, 2017) the first regional C208 simulator training event with participation from Mauritanian Air Force (MAF), Niger Air Force, and US Air Force. This event marked the first time the MAF C208 simulator was used between regional partners, and signifies the first step towards future engagements improving pilot skills and building partnerships. The C208 simulator improves the skills of a pilot by allowing one to experience malfunctions, unique environments, and emergency procedures that are too dangerous to conduct in the air. Additionally, the training allowed pilots from the three countries to learn from one another and share best practices. Mauritanian Air Force leadership were gracious hosts, ensuring pilots and simulator operators were available to conduct training.