Embassy Nouakchott Celebrates Independence

U.S. Embassy Celebrates Independence Day

Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Mr. Secretary General
Madam Director
Dear colleagues Ambassadors and Heads of Diplomatic Missions
Ladies and gentlemen
Dear guests

U.S. Embassy Celebrates Independence Day
U.S. Embassy Celebrates Independence Day

It is an honor to welcome you, on behalf of the United States government and its people, to the commemoration of the 242nd anniversary of the United States’ independence. Thank you for being here this evening and for joining me at my residence for my first July 4th celebration in Nouakchott. My wife, Joan, is not here today but she joins me in welcoming you.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The United States was the first country to recognize Mauritania’s independence. Since 1960 the United States has stood as a friend and partner of Mauritania. That partnership today is broad and deep, covering security cooperation, economic development, and support for democracy and human rights. In my first six months here in Nouakchott, I have been very proud to lead a team that works daily with our Mauritanian partners to build on this cooperation.

Many of you were present at the July 4 reception last year on the grounds of our new embassy. Three months ago we moved into that beautiful new building, and I had the honor of watching the U.S. flag raised for the first time. This new chancery is a fitting metaphor for the growing partnership between our two countries.

Ladies and gentlemen,

U.S. Embassy Celebrates Independence Day
U.S. Embassy Celebrates Independence Day

More and more, Mauritania is taking on a leadership role in international affairs. We salute Mauritania’s leadership in cooperation and regional security on the African continent. The presence of the G5 Sahel Permanent Secretariat and the just-concluded African Summit are clear signs of Nouakchott’s growing importance in Africa, and therefore as a partner for the United States.

Mr. Minister,
Since its founding 242 years ago, the United States has been known around the world as a country that cherishes democracy. So it is no surprise that support for democracies is a central pillar of my country’s foreign policy. As Mauritanians prepare for elections this year and next, know that the United States stands ready to assist with this important step towards a democratic system that advances the security, prosperity and human rights of all Mauritanians.

Honored guests
In the spirit of our celebration I would like to offer each of you a gift – in the form of a short speech this evening. Before concluding, permit me to thank the excellent team in the embassy who prepared this lovely reception. I would also like to acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors: Kosmos and Seaboard.

Long live the friendship and cooperation between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.

Happy 4th of July. Please enjoy the evening.

Michael Dodman,
Ambassador of the United States in Mauritania

Nouakchott, July 5, 2018