Information Resource Center

It’s the information you need, for the decisions you need to make.

The Information Resource Center (IRC) in Nouakchott, Mauritania provides a wide array of information to Mauritanians and Embassy employees on the United States, and major global issues. In a world that is becoming more globalized with each passing day, access to accurate, comprehensive, and rapid information has grown increasingly important. The IRC offers a variety of services that bring you the information you need for research, advanced study and learning. From the over 1,000 books in English, French, and Arabic, to a comprehensive online library with hundreds of resources in English and French, and expert researchers that can help find the answers to important questions, the IRC is your portal to the world.

The Mission of the Information Resource Center (IRC) is:

To provide information (factual data, analysis) on the United States:

  1. History, politics, society and culture, and bilateral relations between the United States of America and Mauritania.
  2. Provide information for researchers, students and other interested parties on issues related to economic development, democracy, security and regional stability.
  3. Provide education advising on opportunities for study in the U.S. including the Fulbright, Humphrey and International Visitors Program.
  4. Offers English Language learning resources, show how to obtain online English Learning Resources.