American Corner at the University

The American Corner is located within the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences of the University of Nouakchott.  It is a one-stop center for people interested in getting reliable information on the United States and its culture. It has a library that offers access to a range of books, reference material, videos and DVD resources, online database, and internet access.  Resources found at the American Corner are free of charge.

The American Corner aims to promote mutual understanding between the people of Mauritania and the United States through a variety of means including internet access, book and multimedia collections, speaker programs; and to stimulate dialogue between the two countries on subjects of mutual interests.

Products & Services.

  1. Books and Multimedia: Provide current and authoritative information on various subjects including American studies, history, economics, management, business, politics, law and democracy, as well as English teaching and student advising.
  2. Periodicals and Newspapers: Current issues of approximately 10 popular American periodicals and USA Today newspaper.
  3. U.S. Government Publications: Electronic journals, reports, and information on U.S. Government programs and grants, educational opportunities and possibilities for financial support in the United States.
  4. CD-ROM Databases: World Book Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, and almost 20 other databases on American history, laws, politics and government.
  5. On-line searches: With guidance from professional reference staff for fast and efficient information retrieval.
  6. Cultural Programs: The Corners host U.S. Speaker programs, educational exchange programs, cultural events, film show, and exhibits to promote mutual understanding between the people of Mauritania and the United States.
  7. English Language Activities: Assists in professional development through information dissemination, with focuses on English language education, American literature, applied linguistics, linguistics, and related fields.

Opening Hours

The American Corner is open to the public every business working day. A professional reference staff will be available to assist any users.