The American Embassy Funds Programs

As part of its Self /Help USADF program, which is designed to assist the poor of Mauritania through the creation of small income-generating projects, a sum of $40,000 (approximately 12, 000,000 UM) has been granted by the Embassy of the United States of America in Mauritania to the following associations:

  1.  The Artisanal Cooperative of Nafa, in Tevragh  Zeina-Nouakchott: This project will create a beauty parlour to generate income and to support girls who have dropped out of school and those who are victims of sexual violence.
  2.  Association for Integrated Development: This grant will help purchase a rice husking machine and build its workshop for the village of El-Chgara Hooray, in Trarza District. In addition to the revenue it will generate for the community, this project will provide residents of the village and four surrounding villages a more affordable way to process their unhusked rice without going to Rosso.
  3.  Mauritanian Association for the Protection of Needy: This project includes fifteen small cooperatives, all for women, and has the objective of setting up a workshop for tents (khayma) in the municipality of Darnaim, in Nouakchott. This project aims to bring different expertises to enhance creativity and to increase revenues.
  4.  Cooperative Bele, Tekane. This project aims to implement a chicken farm in the city of Tekane, Tarza District to encourage people to consume white meat and to generate income for members of the cooperative. The project will also serve as a model for small cooperatives wishing to undertake such initiatives in this town and the surrounding villages.


Nouakchott on October 31st  2014