The American Embassy Funds Programs

As part of the Self Help program whose main mission is to help the poor of Mauritania, a sum of $ 40,000 (about 12, 000,000 UM) was granted by the Embassy of the United States of America to the following Associations:

  1.  Women’s Cooperative of Dolol: This is an agricultural cooperative owned by women in the village of Dolol, Gorgol District. The project will also help by leveling the agricultural land to facilitate irrigation and crop production.
  2.  Ensemble for Solidarity and Development. This is for the rehabilitation of agricultural land for the benefit of a cooperative of women in the village of Wabounde, Brakna District. Activities of this project will primarily consist of the establishment of a solar pumping system for water and the construction of an irrigation system (tanks, power connectors).
  3. Sokhampo Cooperative of Arr: This project consists of protection for the agricultural land of a farm operated for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the village of Arr, Guidimaka District as well as for the purchase of fencing materials, the manufacture of cement poles and the installation of a gateway to the agricultural land.
  4.  Mauritanian Association for the Development of Women and Children. This NGO plans to build ten (10) latrines for primary schools in the village of Diowol, Gorgol District. The purpose of this project is to promote hygiene and to reduce diarrheal diseases in schools.

Nouakchott on October 17th 2014